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New red bark mulch that has been placed in a landscape bed at the side of a home in Valrico.

Mulch & Rock Installation Services In the Valrico, Bloomingdale, and Fish Hawk Areas

Whether it is mulch or rock that is in your landscaping beds, we provide refreshing and new installation services of ground covers for your residential or commercial property.

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Mulch and rock ground cover installation services available for your home or business in Valrico, or surrounding areas like Bloomingdale and Fish Hawk, FL.

Our mulching services include replacing your mulch twice annually, or your rock ground covers annually.

At Empire Lawn Solutions, our ground cover installation services can give your property everything it needs to look incredible. This includes installing ground covers of mulch or rock in your landscape beds. For the communities in Valrico, Bloomingdale, Fish Hawk, and surrounding areas, we recommend that installation services for new ground covers take place twice annually for mulch and annually for rock, to make sure the property of your home or business maintains both a clean look and healthy plants. Typically, new ground covers are laid from February through March and again around November.

Bark mulch installed at a home in Valrico, FL

The Benefits of Mulch and Rock

Aside from adding the aesthetics of vibrancy and contrast to the green plants in your landscaping, did you know your ground covering comes with benefits that help both your plants and soil?

  • Mulch or rock ground coverings act as weed barriers.
  • Having mulch or rock installed helps give your landscape beds a renewed look.
  • Mulch/rock provide insulation to the soil, trapping heat in the winter and keeping plants cool in the summer.
  • Ground coverings help your soil retain moisture, which aids plants in the development of healthy roots.
  • Both mulch and rock help prevent soil erosion.

Laying Your Ground Covering

We lay mulch to a thickness of about 2-3 inches, while rocks are laid to about 2 inches. When we install your mulch or rock, we are careful not to crowd the bases of your plants to avoid too much moisture from being retained. From there, we fan out the rest of the mulch to an even layer across your landscaping bed.

Our final step in the process is to clean up any stray mulch or rock that have fallen outside of the beds during installation.

Mulch ground cover laid by a Empire Lawn Solutions team member for a customer in Valrico.

Popular Mulch & Rock Choices for Your Landscaping Beds

There is a variety of mulch and rock options for the Valrico, FL area. Most available mulch can come in natural colors or in a variety dyed colors, including red, black, and gold. Popular choices for mulch include:

  • Red Mulch
  • Large Pine Bark
  • Mini Pine Bark
  • Cypress Mulch
  • Pine Straw

Popular types of rock preferred by our customers for their landscape beds include:

  • River Rock
  • Lime Rock
  • Lava/Red Rock
  • Beach Pebbles
  • Marble Chips

Get a quote to refresh your mulch or rock ground cover.

When you choose us as your provider for mulch and rock installation services for your landscape beds, we send reminders when it is close to the time that your ground coverings will need to be refreshed.

Get your free quote today by calling us at (813) 323-3474! We provide our mulch and rock installation services for homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the communities of Valrico, Bloomingdale, Fish Hawk, and other surrounding areas.

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