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Very well shaped hedges in Valrico trimmed by Empire Lawn Solutions.

Trimming & Pruning Services In the Valrico, Bloomingdale, and Fish Hawk Areas

Your shrubs, hedges, and small trees will be well-shaped, with healthier, lusher foliage from our landscape trimming and pruning services for homes and businesses.

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Valrico, Bloomingdale, and Fish Hawk area homeowners and commercial grounds owners can take advantage of our landscape trimming and pruning services.

In addition to the obvious aesthetic gains trimming and pruning brings to your plants, improved health will also be a result.

Letting the bushes, shrubs, hedges, and small trees in your landscaping grow unchecked is not only an eyesore, it is unhealthy for the plants. With our trimming and pruning services, we make sure your plants grow in a healthy way and a proper shape for each, specific plant.

Our services can be taken advantage of by the homeowners and commercial grounds owners in and around Valrico, Bloomingdale, and Fish Hawk.

Fine example of trimmed shrubs and hedges in the front yard of a customer in the Bloomingdale community.

Trimming Your Landscaping

Trimming is the act of removing overgrown branches and cleaning up the plant, and it is essential for maintaining the size and shape of the shrubs, hedges, and small trees in your landscaping. Hiring professionals, such as our team at Empire Lawn Solutions, to do the trimming around your home is vital, as specific techniques and seasonal timing are needed for proper trimming of your landscape.

When we trim, we use professional loppers and hedge trimmers to get the correct size and shape for your plants.

Pruning Your Landscaping

Pruning is necessary for the health of the plants in your landscaping. We use hand shears to selectively remove dead or dying branches. But one thing that is overlooked, or just not well known, is that pruning needs to take place at the right time of year for the species of plant involved. This is why:

  • We prune non-blooming trees and shrubs during late winter, while the plant is dormant.
  • We also prune summer blooming trees and shrubs during the winter.
  • Spring blooming plants, however, should be pruned immediately after they bloom

Extra benefits to investing in our trimming and pruning services.

There are extra benefits to investing in our landscape trimming and pruning services. The curb appeal of your home will improve, as one example. However, the health of your plants can't be understated, as your plants will receive the optimal amount of sunlight that they need to propel photosynthesis, which is how plants process the nutrients they need.

The stronger, thicker, and healthier growth that results from your plants photosynthesizing properly will help them resist both insect infection and the spread of any diseases.

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In addition to being offered as a part of our lawn mowing services, trimming and pruning your landscape can also be provided as a stand-alone service. We can prune and trim all types of shrubs, hedges, and small trees that can be found in landscaping beds all around the Valrico, Bloomingdale, and Fish Hawk, FL communities.

Pick up the phone and call us at (813) 323-3474 today for a free estimate and to start the process towards having healthier plants on your residential or commercial property!

Rounded small trees and pruned bushes in the landscape bed of a Fish Hawk customer's home.

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