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Yard waste placed on the side of the road after a yard cleanup performed in Bloomingdale.

Yard Cleanup Services In the Valrico, Bloomingdale, and Fish Hawk Areas

Leaf removal, mowing, trimming, and gutter cleaning are examples of services we provide with our yard cleanups for residential, commercial, overgrown, distressed, or forclosure properties.

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Yard Cleanup Services for Valrico, Bloomingdale, Fish Hawk & Surrounding Areas

For residential, commercial, overgrown, distressed, and foreclosure properties.

At Empire Lawn Solutions, we do yard cleanups any time of the year, but focus on leaf removal from November/December through February/March. We service a variety of properties in the Valrico area, as well as Bloomingdale and Fish Hawk, FL, such as:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Distressed/Overgrown/Foreclosures

Our yard cleanup services include leaf removal when leaves are falling from any deciduous trees that may be on your property. In general, the winter months are when we are contacted by homeowners and businesses for yard cleanup services, but we can also provide our services as needed.

Property in Valrico with a neglected and distressed backyard.

Well-Rounded Package With Leaf Removal, Gutter Cleaning, & Additional Services

Leaf removal is not the only item that we offer with our yard cleanup services. There are several other services we provide that create a well-rounded package for your yard to benefit from.

The additional services that we offer during your yard cleanups are:

  • Maintenance: Standard maintenance includes basic mowing, string trimming, edging, landscaping bed reshaping, weeding/bed cleanup, and yard debris pickup/removal.
  • Trimming: We trim all of your small trees, shrubs, bushes, and hedges.
  • Mulch: We install mulch or rock to freshen up the look of landscaping beds and provide added protection to your plants.
  • Annual Flowers: This provides color and contrast to your perennials in your landscaping beds. In Florida, there are summer annuals and winter annuals.
  • Gutter Cleaning: We make sure your gutters are clean and clear of all debris and leaves.

Debris from trees that have fallen onto the roof of a Empire Lawn Solutions customer in Bloomingdale.

Why Leaf Removal Services Are Important

An undeniably important part of your yard cleanup is our leaf removal services. Leaves left on the ground are actually capable of causing harm to the grass on your property. They block out the sunlight and smother the grass, keeping your turf from getting the nutrients and sunlight it needs for proper photosynthesis to take place. Leaves also can cause mold and disease if left to rot on your grass.

We blow and rake leaves onto a tarp and remove them from your property.

When it pertains to the health of your grass, the quicker leaves are removed, the better.

Do Not Miss Getting on Our Yard Cleanup List

Because the prime season to do yard cleanups is only a few months out of the year, our schedule can get busy very quickly! This is why homeowners and commercial property owners in the Valrico, Bloomingdale, and Fish Hawk should not hesitate to schedule our yard cleanup services!

Contact us at (813) 323-3474 to get a free estimate and consultation on a yard cleanup for your property! If you need our services for an overgrown or distressed property, let us know and we can give you a quote for that as well!

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